Getting Started

Welcome to CrossFit Forward!!!

Step 1:

Your first step in getting started is to set up a FREE one on one intro with Lindsay.
Email her at

The FREE Intro is a one hour session that will help you learn some more about CrossFit and the “why’s” behind the program. After answering any questions you will be taught some basic movements which will then be structured into a scaled workout that you can complete.

Step 2:

Following the FREE Intro Session all members are required to take 3 One on One Sessions with one of CFF's trainers. There is no fee for the 3 sessions which will cover the foundational movements in CrossFit as well as a workout. (6 month membership required)

Step 3:

At the completion of the 3 One on One’s you have a few options. Depending on your comfort level you can set up additional One on Ones with a trainer, have a trainer alongside you during class for a discounted rate, or jump in on classes with the rest of the CFF Community. We want to make sure you are comfortable at the start of your CrossFit journey.

Already Have Experience in CrossFit?

It’s always great to meet CrossFitters from other places and gyms. If you have 3 months experience or more at a CrossFit Affiliate you are welcome to come in and try a few classes. We know each gym can be run differently and we want to make sure you find CrossFit Forward a good fit. All we ask is that you email ahead of time so we can welcome you. Following the 3 day trial period you can choose which monthly sign up option works best for you.

It’s that easy.

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